Bar Soap Brands
Dish soap or dishwashing liquid is used to clean plates and dishes worldwide. You want a dish soap that will cut through grease, clean your pots and pans, while at the same time not dry out your skin. Here is a list of some of the most popular dish soap brands.
Dawn Dish Soap Brand
Dawn started making dishwashing liquid in 1973, the brand quickly developed a reputation for being tough on grease. Dawn is so effective at breaking up grease, that its used by animal rescuers worldwide to remove oil from animals affected by oil spills. Don is trusted by millions of households worldwide. Dawns logo appropriately features a sun rising behind the name Dawn. Slogan: Go ahead and make your family's favorite meals. Dawn is here to clean up.

Gain Dish Soap Brand
Gain is probably best known for making laundry detergent, yet they make some darn fine dish soaps as well. I like the shape of the bottle as is it is easy to grip. Available in some interesting scents as well like: Honey Berry Hula, Lemon Zest, Apple Berry Twist, Lavender, Island Fresh and Original scent.

Method Dish Soap Brand
Method makes a popular liquid dish soap that is often sold as a dish soap pump with refill kit. It's a popular brand sold in stores like Target. The product is marketed as being tough on grease, while at the same time offering a pleasant scent. Most people that reviewed this product agree that it works well and smells great. Available in a wide range of different scents. It's also made with biodegradable ingredients, so it's safe for the environment as well.

Palmolive Dish Soap Brand
The Palmolive brand is owned by Colgate and is one of the most popular dish soaps in the world. Trusted by millions, Palmolive is tough on grease while soft on hands. Now Palmolive is more powerful than ever, hence the name Ultra Palmolive.Ultra Palmolive antibacterial dish liquid is approved to kill 99.9% of salmonella, E. coli and staph germs on dishes in seconds. Sounds pretty effective if you ask me. Slogan: Tough on Grease, Soft on Hands.
How is Soap Made?
Cold Process
This is likely how grandma made her soaps. Essentially, a mix of lye and some fatty acid (bacon grease, beef tallow, olive oil) is combined with some water and then a chemical reaction occurs (saponification). This is a slow time consuming process that can take over a months time to complete.

Hot Process
Hot soap-making processes are essentially a quicker version of the cold process, using heat to expedite the process.

Melt and Pour

This is by far the easiest method, taking a base of clear soap, melting it and pouring into molds. Different effects can be achieved with the addition of other ingredients such as essential oils and herbs. This is our recommended method for today's amateur soap makers.

Rebatching or Soap Recycling
This is done by grating a soap bar and then heating the shavings over the stove with some liquid (usually water). Then add coloring agents and scented oils to the batch and you have in essence, new soap. Also known as soap recycling process. - - -